01.11.2018 – 04.11.2018

Wir treiben das Feuer dieser Jahreszeit bis in den November
Alexis Southall und Lisa Müller-Albrecht geben im November Workshops zu Gunsten von Samantha VP Emanuel Recovery Fund mit aufeinander abgestimmten und doch unterschiedlichen Themen.
Für jede Nahost-Tanzsparte und Stufe geeignet.


For the first time in our region of Germany: Welcoming the amazing Alexis Southall with some of her workshop topics for all of the bellydancers. ❤
„Figure 8’s are my favourite thing. One of the most beautiful shapes in bellydance. Fast or slow, staccato or smooth, and possible in pretty much every part of the body. An effortless figure 8 requires a deep understanding of the movement and the muscles that control it. This class will introduce you to conditioning that will assist you in reaching the full potential of your figure 8’s, review the fundamentals behind the movements through creative drills, and leave you feeling like you worked your body to the max. Please bring a mat for the warm up.“
Workshop booking will be available from July 1st at:
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